Do you want to tell someone where you are but you can not describe where you are?
Do you want to inform someone where you are in case of an emergency?
Do you want to know your very accurate current location coordinates?

If you answered positively in the previous questions, then Acculoc is the best iPhone/iPod touch application for you.
Acculoc is a simple application that can send your current location coordinates by e-mail or SMS with a maps link attached. With Acculoc also you can view your heading in a compass and your speed and view your current position in a map. Acculoc is also able to copy your current coordinates.
Finally Acculoc is able post your current coordinates on facebook and twitter. The app also includes a feature called "Time to destination" which estimates the time needed to reach to a specific location taking into consideration the distance from the location and the speed of the user. Another feature of Acculoc is HUD (Heads up display) Speed. This feature displays the speed of the user mirrored so when the user place his iPhone under the windscreen, the speed is displayed normally in the windscreen. Acculoc can be used for many outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, sailing, and cycling.