iFind Girl (Co-created with George Derleres and Evgenios Papadopoulos)

Do you find it difficult to talk to a girl that you like? Do you want to find a girlfriend but you fail all the time? Do you want to be the perfect boyfriend and stand out in a crowd? iFind Girl, is the ultimate guide that will help you learn how to attract girls and how to start a romantic relationship. It contains a lot of advices about how to behave towards girls and is filled with flirting tips. You will also find tips about what to do and what not to do during the first date and a list of pick up lines that will help you increase your flirting success. iFindGirl, also includes a quiz that will help you to check your flirting skills by asking 10 simple questions. iFindGirl is the correct starting point when you aim to succeed with girls, to find the girlfiend that you wish and to gain the true love!