iBorrow Greek

Greek language is one of the most beautiful languages all over the world, with an extraordinarily rich vocabulary. It has existed for nearly 3,500 years and has been used to express philosophical and scientific concepts. It also has a heavy influence on the English speaking civilization of the West. According to a recent research, the English language and international scientific terminology contain more than 100.000 Greek Words. Thirteen point two percent of modern day English is derived from the vocabulary of ancient Greece. iBorrow Greek presents a wide range of English words which are derived from the Greek language. The app provides a definition and etymology information for each word. It also provides a link to wikipedia to enable user to learn more about a word. You can browse the words alphabetically or by categories. The app also gives the possibility to the user to share a word via mail, facebook and twitter. Finnaly, you can mark your favourite words for further review. This app does not aim to be exhaustive or to deal with every Greek derivative, but it would like to prove that any educated man already knows some Greek and whatever his training is, he can with some help, understand and derive Greek Words.